The world changed rapidly over the last two years. Since 2019, we have seen significant shifts in how we live and work. While it’s safe to say we all hope that 2022 will be a slower, less volatile year, I believe we will continue to see rapid growth and changes in various elements of our everyday lives.

One of the most significant changes I foresee in the next year is a shift toward more understanding, empathetic, and compassionate leadership in the workplace. The pandemic forced leaders to reevaluate how they see their employees, how they understand their team members’ needs, and how the company should support its people.

The future of work will rest on leaders’ abilities to merge the businesses’ development goals with the businesses’ cultural goals. Company leaders can no longer afford to view their team members as cogs on the wheels of corporate production. Every member of a corporate team must be seen as an individual person with individual needs, who participates in a work environment but who also has a life outside of work.