CSGo Enterprise Software

We have a software development team with expert software engineers, testers, and analysts. 

We are a solution company providing software development services for complex business problems, in multiple industry sectors including retail, healthcare, finance, education, and more.

Staff augmentation

1. We get your request with the skill set and FTE required.

2. We send you CVs and rates of fitting developers.

3. We schedule your interviews with potential hires.

4. (optionally) Our developers execute your test task.

5. We negotiate SLA and (on demand) suggest productivity KPIs.

6. We sign the contract.

7. You organize the knowledge transfer to outsourced developers and provide them access to the project infrastructure.

8. We negotiate the communication plan between your team and outsourced resources.

9. We schedule weekly and/or monthly performance evaluation reports.

Dedicated team/Full project outsourcing

1. We get your RFP.

2. We prepare and send our proposal with estimates of a technical solution, our approaches to development, etc.

3. We negotiate SLAs and suggest project and software KPIs on demand.

4. We sign the contract.

5. We set up the development process, implement CI/CD implementation (if needed), and integrate with processes of other vendors (if needed).

6. You transfer the responsibility for a project/project part, and we start the work.

7. We regularly present relevant project status information to each stakeholder.

Used technologies;

Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Angular, React, Prime NG, Node.js, Spring Cloud, Spring Data Jpa, Spring Security, Lombok, Swagger, QueryDsl, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Gitlab, Maven.