CSGo Embedded & IoT

Electronic communication has played such a significance that electronic comprises of 70 percent of systems in vehicles. The remaining 30 percent is mechanical components. Almost all safety relevant systems communicate via CAN or Flexray Bus. Our vehicle that we drive with approximately 150 ECUs have already made thousands, tens of thousands decisions for us by collecting tens of thousands of signals from various sensors.

We know what you need. Target-oriented software development in automotive industry.


  • Software development with AUTOSAR
  • Migration of existing embedded software into AUTOSAR
  • Configuration and generation of AUTOSAR BSW (Basic Software)
  • Troubleshoot, supporting AUTOSAR embedded software system


  • Diagnostic Services Development (UDS: Unified Diagnostic Services)
  • Error Handler Configuration

Requirement Management, Embedded-Software Implementation, Test, Code Quality and more…

  • Writing and reviewing specifications and software implementation in C
  • Requirement Management
  • ECU Functionality Testing
  • Problem analysing and solving
  • Modul Test (MISRA, Naming, Polyspace, Coverage, etc.) and improvement of code quality
  • Documentation
  • Quest Management
  • Coordination with customers, testers and other developers

Staff augmentation

1. We get your request with the skill set and FTE required.

2. We send you CVs and rates of fitting developers.

3. We schedule your interviews with potential hires.

4. (optionally) Our developers execute your test task.

5. We negotiate SLA and (on demand) suggest productivity KPIs.

6. We sign the contract.

7. You organize the knowledge transfer to outsourced developers and provide them access to the project infrastructure.

8. We negotiate the communication plan between your team and outsourced resources.

9. We schedule weekly and/or monthly performance evaluation reports.

Dedicated team/Full project outsourcing

1. We get your RFP.

2. We prepare and send our proposal with estimates of a technical solution, our approaches to development, etc.

3. We negotiate SLAs and suggest project and software KPIs on demand.

4. We sign the contract.

5. We set up the development process, implement CI/CD implementation (if needed), and integrate with processes of other vendors (if needed).

6. You transfer the responsibility for a project/project part, and we start the work.


7. We regularly present relevant project status information to each stakeholder.


Used technologies;

Embedded C, C++, Assembly language, Vector Geny, Da-Vinci, CANoe, CANalyzer, CANstress, AUTOSAR, UDS, Diagnostics, Communication stack, MCAL, NVRAM/ Bootloader,  Java, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Node.js, QueryDsl, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Gitlab, Maven.